Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Google Summer of Code is over as of yesterday, and I truly am proud of what I've accomplished. Phil Nelson's scripts have been morphed into a full-on system for making, deleting and editing classes of machine!

You can get the latest version of bulkinst here:

As of the set "end" of the project, my code only officially supports the i386 architecture; it should work for others if you can get them to NFS boot into your directory tree. Please see the "bulkinst_dev" man page I put up in the repositories for more information. Despite GSoC being over I will continue to add features and support for the remainder of the summer and possibly beyond.

On a personal note I must say that it seems self indulgent to continue on a blog which has no subscribers, but maybe in the future someone will be interested in a fragmented account of the progress of my little project.

Updates will be posted if CVS repositories change or more features get added.

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  1. I personally find this project to be quite interesting and will be testing it out for a few projects that I am beginning.